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WordPress Update

Friday, September 12th, 2008

This isn’t really anything to do with logos, but I just wanted to say that I’ve just updated WordPress (this sites blogging software), and it all went really smoothly, so thank you WordPress people.

Paul Rand and One Option Logo Design

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Paul Rand is the graphic designer I admire most. He was the designer of the IBM logo, and the ABC television network logo. He was so confident in his ability that he would only present ONE option to the client.

I think that designing over the internet makes things a little harder when it comes down to how many options to present the client. All the corresponding by email and no face to face time makes more options more necessary. I think the more options you can give is better in some ways, but in others offering lots of different designs can start to confuse things.

I normally start with four distinct design routes based on the information gathered from the design brief.

In most instances something about one route grabs the client’s attention and I only need to make a couple of revisions and that’s that.

Two extremes

Sometimes – not very often, a client will leave a brief that is so tight that one option could be good enough, in this case I usually present the same design with only variations in colour and spacing. Other times – for example when they request a cartoon character in the design – the revision rounds can go on for ever! (I try to discourage cartoons in logos these days – simple bold typographic solutions are what I like.)

Paul Rand as far as I know, never had a design turned down and had a queue of major clients lined up for his magic touch. Perhaps less is more after all.