Heinz Baked Beans – Why Change Perfect Graphic Design?

I’m in shock! Heinz baked beans are having a make over – and the results are not pretty, or at all necessary!

This, as if you didn’t know, is what the Heinz baked beans can looks like.

Classic Heinz Baked Beans

and this is what is planned for its future!

New Style Heinz Baked Beans

Why oh why! 

The old branding for Heinz baked beans was so good that it became part of our national heritage – what more could a brand want? Changing it to Heinz Beanz – I just can’t believe it. And why substitute the ‘s’ of beans for a ‘z’!

I’m off to the shops to buy as many tins of beans with the old logo as I can. Then I will be able to say to future generations that I did not stand idly by as part of our design history was so thoughtlessly destroyed.

Please don’t even think about changing Lyons Golden Syrup or Marmite! 


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    [...] ago but got mixed reviews especially as it removed the word ‘baked’ from the label. I actually like the new design, which is simpler and has an illustration of the product, which gives flavour and appetite appeal to [...]

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