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Creative design brief

Please complete the following

Try to answer all of the following questions. If you feel unable to complete some of the answers, please don't worry, send the brief anyway. Good Luck!

Which service do you require?

Both services are available at the same special price of £399, you only pay the commissioning deposit of £100 now, and the remaining £299 when your logo is completed. Please remember that if for any reason you don't like your new logo, we refund 100% of your payment, including the deposit.

Please select either Logo Makeover or New Logo:

The Logo Makeover option requires us to see your old logo, we will provide you with details of how to email your old logo to us as soon as we receive your deposit payment.

You and your organisation

Your logo

What will your new logo be used to represent?

If other, please explain what the logo is to be used for:

Which words are to be included in the logo design?

You and your market

Who is your target market?

Design considerations

This section of the design brief is where the fun starts. Remember to make your selections based on what you like, and on what you think would look good for your new logo design.

Logo styles

The following designs have been selected from our portfolio. Please choose up to five designs that you like:

Buttercup Milk and Blast Publishing

Pacer Telecommunication and Orinoko Interiors

Perfect Smile Dental Surgery and Jon Red Hair Designed

Lorna White Nutritionist and Connection Family Therapy

Trio and Sol Energy Panel

Air Toys and Blue Cube Consultancy

AC Jade and Classical Portrait

Denvers Opticians and Small Gold Star

Suzanne Reed Wedding Planner and Oasis Health Spa

Aero Derivative Fuel Technology and NOD


Please select up to four of your favourite colours from the following palettes:

Standard palette:

Standard palette

Pastel palette:

Pastel Palette

Earth palette:

Earth palette


Please select your favourite font group:

Standard fonts

Script and Funky fonts

Which logos do you really like?

Are there any famous logos you really admire, that are of a similar style to the new logo you would like to receive? If so, please name them below:

Where will your logo appear most often?

Please describe where your logo will usually be found. For example: On screen or in print. On the side of a vehicle or at the top of a letterhead.

Know what you want?

If you have a clear idea of what you want your logo to look like, please describe it here:

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Before submitting this Design Brief please ensure that you have indicated a preference in the Logo Styles, Font and Colour sections.

If you wish to keep a record of this Design Brief, please print this page before submitting.


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